5 weakest mobs in Minecraft 1.19

Minecraft worlds can be menacing places due to the presence of hostile mobs. However, not all of these creatures are dangerous.

Some hostile mobs fall way short of being threatening. When confronted, players should have an easier time dealing with them. These creatures can be defeated with lower-grade equipment in many situations, and they don’t deal quite as much damage as other mobs.


Below, Minecraft players can find some of the weakest monsters in the game as of this year’s 1.19 update.

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Slimes, Silverfish, and 3 other weak Minecraft mobs as of The Wild Update

1) Magma Cubes

A magma cube jumps in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)Magma cubes are similar to slimes but are found in the Nether. These mobs are more dangerous than their Overworld cousins. However, even with their increased damage output and increased attack speed, they aren’t too threatening.

The most dangerous aspect of magma cubes is their slightly randomized jump height, which can make it difficult to hit them mid-air. Much like slimes, they also break into smaller cubes when sustaining damage.

Though they’re dangerous to a certain extent, an observant Minecraft player should be able to handle a magma cube fairly easily. They should steer clear of its jumps and keep breaking it apart until there’s nothing left.

2) Slimes

Slimes of various sizes as seen in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)aren’t much to worry about in Minecraft. They’re still capable of dealing damage with their jump attacks, but that’s about all they can do.

As long as players can telegraph their jumps, which are not as random as those of magma cubes, slimes essentially pose very little threat. Players can simply whittle them down to their smallest form and eliminate them. In fact, the smallest slimes aren’t even capable of harming players.


3) Shulker

Shulkers are primarily defensive in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)effectively defenseless.

4) Silverfish

A player discovers a silverfish after breaking an infested stone block (Image via u/chiver293/Reddit)


5) Endermites

Endermites are incredibly weak and don't serve many purposes (Image via Mojang)SK Minecraft Wiki

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