According to the Memorial Tournament purse and payment split for 2022

The Memorial Tournament is one of the most popular non-major events on the PGA Tour’s schedule. Golfers often look forward to competing on the course that Jack designed because it is a unique challenge that puts every part of a player’s game to the test.

The Memorial additionally draws participants because of its large prize pool. In reality, the tournament’s prize pool is among the top ten on the PGA Tour.

Prior to the 2022 edition of the event, the prize pool for the Memorial grew significantly. As a result, it contains more than practically all of the four majors on the tour.

But how much money is on the line in this year’s Memorial Tournament? Here’s a breakdown of the overall prize pool for Jack Nicklaus’ famed annual tournament.

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The Memorial’s total purse in 2022 will be $12 million. This reflects a $2.7 million increase in the purse’s value over the previous year, when it was $9.3 million.

After the Tour Championship ($75 million), the Players Championship ($20 million), the FedEx St. Jude Championship ($15 million), the BMW Championship ($15 million), and the U.S. Open ($12.5 million), the Memorial is tied for sixth place on the PGA Tour in terms of prize money.

The Memorial’s victor is set to get $2.16 million. Given the rise in the overall purse, this is roughly half a million more than winner Patrick Cantlay in 2021.

The Memorial is tied for sixth highest-paying tournament in terms of winner’s share once again. The Circuit Championship has the highest-paying winner’s share on the tour, with a total prize pool of $17 million.

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The Memorial has become one of the highest-paying tournaments on the PGA Tour as a result of its increased payout. In terms of total purse and winner’s share, it’s tied for sixth on the tour, and it’s more lucrative than all but one tournament.



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