EA Sports introduces brand new FIFA 23 game mode that allows players to earn more rewards

With the release date for FIFA 23 edging closer, hype is at an all-time high amongst fans of the iconic football series. The game will officially be released on September 30, and EA Sports has already revealed a host of details about the various new features and changes in the upcoming title.


EA Sports recently released videos covering the various game modes and aspects of FIFA 23, including changes made to Ultimate Team. Besides the new World Cup Heroes and a completely overhauled chemistry system, there is also a brand new game mode being added to FUT.

FIFA 23 will feature a new game mode called FUT Moments, granting players all-new ways to earn rewards

EA Sports recently provided details about a new offline game mode called FUT Moments in their Ultimate Team Deep Dive trailer.

This mode will be excellent for casual players due to its brief nature, as well as for hardcore players since it explores new avenues for earning rewards in FUT, making it one of the best new features in FIFA 23.

What is FUT Moments?

FUT Moments will allow players to recreate iconic footballing plays (Image via EA Sports)How will rewards work in FUT Moments?
FUT Moments will reward players with Stars that can be redeemed for rewards (Image via EA Sports)What does this addition mean for the overall FUT experience?

If implemented correctly, FUT Moments has the potential to be one of the greatest additions to the game in recent memory. This game mode can offer different scenarios and stipulations based on various promos during the game cycle, keeping the concept fresh and enjoyable.

Additionally, the “bite-sized” nature of the game mode makes it extremely casual-friendly. Players who don’t have a lot of time to invest into the game can log into FUT and enjoy these short bursts of gameplay and be rewarded for it accordingly.

Even hardcore FUT players can enjoy this game mode in FIFA 23, as it adds a new avenue for them to play and earn rewards. Players willing to grind over time can accumulate a large amount of Stars and redeem them for great rewards as the game cycle progresses.


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