Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth make some explosive revelations on Pitch-Ed Battles during the Glance Live Fest

Glance LIVE Fest (GLF), India’s largest digital carnival of live and interactive experiences that brings to 70 million users premium live content from some of India’s biggest celebrities and creators across entertainment, gaming, and shopping, started off on a wonderful note

On the second day of the interactive fest, that is taking place live on Glance lock screens across the globe, we saw several celebrity shows that received tremendous response from the audience. One such mega show was ‘Pitch-Ed Battles,’ where cricket writer and commentator – Vikram Sathaye – had a conversation with two cricketers known for their rivalries

• On 4th June, which was the second show of Pitch-Ed battles, Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth appeared on the show and made some explosive revelations 

• Harbhajan Singh revealed that he wanted to try his hand at golf, which is another game he finds fascinating, but couldn’t get time earlier

• During a live poll, 45% of fans thought Sreesanth is called Turbanator. He reveals that most of the people might be thinking that due to an episode of Bigg Boss where he wore a turban

• Harbhajan Singh revealed that during the 2001 series against Australia, he got the title of Turbanator from the Australian media due to his hat tricks during that particular series

• Sreesanth revealed that he was initially a leg spinner in his childhood, but later he became a fast bowler due to his admiration of Shoaib Akhtar 

• According to Sreesanth, having a batsman’s mindset helps a bowler take the most wickets

• Harbhajan Singh feels that in terms of dancing, one should put all the cricketers on one side and Sreesanth on the other, he would still win 

• Harbhajan and Sreesanth talked about the heart-warming moments that they have shared together. Sreesanth revealed that he was doubting himself during the 2006 South Africa series and Harbhajan saw he was upset. He hugged Sreesanth and said “Shante this is make or break series – start believing” and rest was history

• During the 2011 World Cup, Sreesanth continued playing even though he was dehydrated. This inspired Harbhajan to also give it his all, since winning the World Cup meant so much to everyone playing. It was one of the most emotional moments for everyone including both of them and during that world cup Sreesanth inspired Harbhajan 

• Harbhajan candidly revealed that the one mistake he wished he could go back and correct on the field was the incident where he slapped Sreesanth in Mohali during the 2007 series. Harbhajan emphasised that everyone makes mistakes, however, one must always acknowledge them and make amends. He apologised to Sreesanth 

• Sreesanth also regrets the altercation they had and felt it was his mistake too and he says he has learned a lot since then

• Their bond however has only grown since then and Sreesanth is grateful for Harbhajan’s support and the valuable advice he has offered in the past seven years

• Sreesanth is not just a friend but a brother according to Harbhajan and he always makes everyone in the room laugh and smile. To show how much he valued their friendship Harbhajan Singh sang the song Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge for Sreesanth

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