How to get Vigero ZX for free in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises DLC

GTA Online received a new update this week, introducing one of the most-awaited cars to the game.

The Criminal Enterprises update has been a delight for car enthusiasts as new vehicles keep coming every week. This time, players were graced with the debut of the new Declasse Vigero ZX. The update also gives users a chance to get it for free with GTA+ membership.

GTA+ members can get Vigero ZX for free this month

GTA+ members are in for a treat this month as they can add another vehicle to their muscle car collection for free. This month, they got the new Declasse Vigero ZX, a 2-door muscle car based on the 2017-2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.

Here’s how to claim the free Vigero ZX in GTA Online:

  1. Visit Simeon’s Premium Deluxe Motorsport showroom or open the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website
  2. Check “Declasse Vigero ZX,” which will be marked FREE
  3. Select the vehicle and buy/claim it

The website describes the vehicle as:

“Want to wield a hunk of muscle that would make the buffest gym bros and lamest ego lifters cry? Forget Bull Shark Testosterone. If you’re looking to bulk up, try the Vigero ZX, and enjoy fast gains that won’t leave you with nips the size of dinner plates.”

Members can also wrap it with two beautiful liveries by driving the car to Los Santos Customs and Auto Shop:

That’s not all, as members can HSW upgrade the vehicle this month for no additional cost. They need to drive the car to Hao’s Special Works at LS Car Meet and get the complimentary HSW Upgrade at no cost.


The Declasse Vigero ZX is beautifully designed in such a way that Camaro lovers find it familiar. When it comes to performance, Broughy1322 tested the vehicle and reported that it is super-fast.

The car can reach a maximum top speed of 125 miles per hour. Additionally, with the HSW upgrade, the Vigero ZX can reach a staggering 157.50 miles per hour.

Although the car is good at drifting around corners, the handling still leaves a lot to be desired. However, it is still one of the best-looking muscle cars in the game and a must-have for car enthusiasts.

Gamers who don’t own the membership can purchase it for $1,947,000.

What else are GTA+ members getting this month?


Apart from the new Vigero ZX, members get tons of perks this month. Here’s a complete list of perks and bonuses available to members this month:

  • Vespucci Beach MC Clubhouse
  • Free Custom Bike Shop upgrade
  • 50% off on Biker Business Upgrades
  • 50% additional GTA$ and RP on all Biker Sell Missions, Extra Income Jobs, and Clubhouse Contracts
  • 75% off Biker Business Resupplies
  • White Spiked Gauntlet
  • Hand-drawn Biker Bomber
  • Bigness Hand-drawn Dome
  • 2X bonuses on Survivals
  • Free Ghost Organisation Ability
  • Bonus Shark Card Cash (15% extra)

All the above bonuses are valid during this month’s GTA+ event from September 1 to September 28. Players can get the membership for $5.99 a month and claim all the benefits, including an additional $500,000 every month.

This month, GTA+ Members get the new Declasse Vigero ZX, two exclusive liveries, and a complimentary Hao’s Special Works Performance Upgrade.Plus, take a ride on the wild side with biker-themed bonuses, and more:

Rockstar has done a great job keeping the membership enticing with all these rewards. With a lot of content still coming into the game every week, this is the best time to hustle in the open world of Los Santos.

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