IND vs AUS: ‘He’s Got To Be A Must In That Indian Line-up’: Adam Gilchrist’s Strong Verdict On Rishabh Pant Vs Dinesh Karthik Debate

Adam Gilchrist is an expert at both keeping wickets and using his bat to affect the game. While players like Quinton de Kock, Mohammad Rizwan, and Rishabh Pant are having a significant impact today, they still have a long way to go before matching the Australian icon. Gilchrist, along with MS Dhoni, is one of the best wicketkeeper hitters of all time.

One of the main drivers of Australia’s dominance from the late 1990s to the middle of the 2000s was Adam Gilchrist, whose aggressive style of batting and dependable glovework behind the stumps helped pave the way for wicketkeeper batsmen in subsequent generations. 

So who better than Adam Gilchrist to give a remedy when India is now dealing with the hotly contested Pant vs. Dinesh Karthik issue? While both Pant and Karthik have been selected for India’s T20 World Cup roster, it appears that only one of them would be able to participate given the side’s batting-heavy lineup.

Dinesh Karthik-Rishabh Pant T20 World Cup 2022
Dinesh Karthik-Rishabh Pant Photo Credit: (AFP)

Rishabh Pant Has Definitely Go To Be In There: Adam Gilchrist

Recently, there have been a number of toss-ups between Pant and Karthik, with each receiving a chance but neither being able to establish themselves as a starter. However, judging on recent trends, it appears that the management is leaning significantly more in Karthik’s favour. In his opinion, Adam Gilchrist states that he opposes benching Pant regardless of the circumstances. 

“The dare of Rishabh Pant and the courage for him, the way in which he takes on bowling attacks. I think he’s got to be a must in that Indian line-up. They can play together, but I think Rishabh Pant has definitely got to be in there,” Gilchrist said told ICC.

Rishabh Pant
Rishabh Pant. (Photo: Twitter)

Karthik was selected ahead of Pant for India’s opening match of the 2022 Asia Cup against Pakistan. With India rested Hardik Pandya for the following match against Hong Kong, both wicketkeeper hitters participated in the match. After that, Pant played against Sri Lanka before Karthik took his position against Pakistan in the Super 4 round.

He later made another appearance for the match against Afghanistan but was left off the starting lineup for the first T20I at home against Australia because Karthik was preferred by skipper Rohit Sharma. 

Pant and Karthik haven’t been able to use the bat very much throughout this musical chair. While Pant has improved in ODIs after already dominating in Tests, the India teenager continues to struggle in T20Is, whereas Karthik has been developed by India to be their finisher in the T20 World Cup.

Both Rishabh Pant And Dinesh Karthik Can Play In The Same Team: Adam Gilchrist

Rishabh Pant, Dinesh Karthik
Rishabh Pant, Dinesh Karthik. (Photo: Twitter)

India does have the option of using both of them in the starting XI, but should the management take the chance? Adam Gilchrist responds. 

“It will be interesting to see if they can both play in the same team. I think they can. What they bring to a team…the versatility of Dinesh Karthik, he can play at the top of the order, he can, as he has done more so later in his career, be in the middle and late overs to finish.

He has a really nice touch game,” added the three-time World Cup-winning Australia legend. 

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