“It’s a responsibility; it’s like you’re given a lot of responsibility to take care of the ball” – Ben Simmons explains the challenges as a point guard in NBA, says passing comes to him naturally

Ben Simmons has often received high praise for his ability to handle the ball and pick out an open teammate. The Brooklyn Nets guard has said that while it is difficult to pull off, it comes naturally to him.

Point guards are expected to control the pace of the game. Although there are a lot of high-scoring guards in today’s game, their primary duty is to create for others.

With court vision being a gift that not everyone possesses, it can be difficult to pick out a teammate, especially when the defense is set. On “The Old Man and The Three,” Simmons was asked how difficult it is to complete a pass, and he said:

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“It’s very difficult. But for me it’s natural. Like, it’s easy to be, like, ‘Yes, it’s hard,’ but for me it’s easy. Some passes I make, it’s just, it’s a feel and the way I move in my body and just seeing, like, a space in the game where I can you know make a bounce pass or lob it over.

“It’s just a read, and it’s a feel for me, so it’s, I love to say, you know, it’s so hard, but it feels easy for me.”

When asked what it felt like to take on the role as the full-time point guard, he said:

“It’s a responsibility. It’s like you’re given a lot of responsibility to take care of the ball, which I didn’t really realize until probably my second, third year, like, how important that was. And then controlling the pace, too. That’s something else, you know, I was able to kind of learn.

“Like, controlling the pace, reading the game, looking at the clock, knowing what’s going on, what plays I need to run, who needs to get a shot, who needs to get going.

“But there’s a lot of things that go into it that the average person wouldn’t know. Yeah, I think for me it was just a learning experience, and it was kind of cool ,you know? He’s like, ‘Yo, you’re the point guard.’ I’m like, ‘Sick. Let’s go. First game, John Wall, let’s do it.”


Simmons has thrived as a point guard since his NBA debut in 2017. His size has also given him an edge, making him an elite perimeter defender.

Can Ben Simmons help the Brooklyn Nets win the 2023 title?

Ben Simmons of the Brooklyn NetsPhiladelphia 76ers before falling out with the fans.

The Sixers completed a trade for James Harden in February, sending Simmons to the Nets. However, the All-Star guard hasn’t played his first game for his new team.

The former Defensive Player of the Year runner-up didn’t play for Brooklyn due to a back injury. According to recent reports, he had successful surgery and will be ready to go this season.

Brooklyn Nets’ Ben Simmons is expected to need 3-to-4 months to make a full recovery on back surgery, sources tell ESPN. The expectation is that he’ll be ready to return well ahead of training camp.

With Simmons, the Nets have a decent chance of winning the East. Although he is not an elite threat when it comes to scoring, his guard skills and defensive proficiency will be a huge boost.

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