“KD was devoured by the Celtics, Giannis wasn’t Giannis” – Colin Cowherd says “get an optometrist” if you blame Steph Curry for the Warriors’ loss to the Celtics

The blame for the Golden State Warriors‘ loss has been dished towards Steph Curry.

Several NBA analysts have criticized the point guard for not leading his team to a win in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Colin Cowherd has come to his defense, saying he cannot be blamed after putting up a 34-point performance.

Cowherd complimented the Boston Celtics defense, saying they got the better of Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets. He referenced the clean sweep against the Nets and the relegation of Bam Adebayo to a defensive player.

He spoke about the Celtics’ taming of Jrue Holiday. They also reduced the effectiveness of Giannis Antetokounmpo to a 45.7% field goal shooter as opposed to his 55.3% shooting in the regular season.

“If you watched that game and thought the Warriors lost because of Steph, get an optometrist.” — @ColinCowherd https://t.co/CsTDOCIt5U

“Let me remind, the you Celtics devoured Kevin Durant in the first round,” Cowherd said. “They made Bam Adebayo in the Eastern Conference Finals a defender only.

“Jrue Holiday was half of himself, a shell of himself against the Celtics defense. And Giannis, who shoots 55% from the field, shot 45% against the Celtics. You’re not going to stop Steph from scoring 34, but you’re gonna make him less efficient.”

Having established the Celtics’ effectiveness on defense, Cowherd stated that Curry was not to blame. The Celtics were expected to be a tough opponent. He stated that Curry could not be stopped as he scored 34 points, but his efficiency can be restrained.

Colin Cowherd believes Steph Curry is not to blame

Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors dribbles against Robert Williams III and Derrick White.

#NBAFinals The Boston Celtics stunned Golden State Warriors in the fourth quarter of Game 1 of the NBA Finals – outscoring the favorites 40-16 at the Chase Centre on Friday to take a 0-1 lead on the road. ✍️ @shanksterinho bit.ly/3xgnlnS

The Celtics finished the game with a 12-point victory over the Warriors. Steph Curry’s 34 points did not phase them out as they lowered their heads and got the job done. His fourth-quarter impact was minimal and he has been accused of “choking.”

Colin Cowherd believes anyone who watched Game 1 and thinks Steph Curry is to blame needs to get their eyes checked. He emphasized that the Celtics devoured Kevin Durant and got the better of Giannis, arguably the best players in the league.

“If you watch that game for how we long that was, and you thought Warriors lost because of Steph,” Cowherd said. “Get an optometrist. I can’t help you with that stuff. For the record, KD was devoured by the Celtics, Giannis wasn’t Giannis.”


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