SL vs AUS: Australian Batter Usman Khawaja Highlights Mistakes From The Previous Tour And Asks For More Trust In Junior Players

Usman Khawaja, a southpaw for Australia, would be eager to build on his recent success in Test matches when the series against Sri Lanka begins on June 29. Khawaja has amassed more runs than any other player on the Australian team since his questionable comeback to the Test squad earlier this year.

The left-hander has demonstrated that he is still worthy of holding a successful international appearance with a back-to-back century against England and Pakistan.

Usman Khawaja. Image: Twitter

Khawaja discussed why Australia lost to Sri Lanka in their previous series and what has significantly changed in his remarks before the opening Test match.

SL vs AUS: Australian Batter Usman Khawaja Highlights Mistakes From The Previous Tour And Asks For More Trust In Junior Players

Khawaja said on Sunday, “I believe we had 3 different strategies for three separate Test matches, which isn’t optimal. “I talked to the guys about it before we performed in Pakistan, just sharing  the experiences I had.”

“Because you do not necessarily need to go back and modify it if you have the correct method and the right game plan but fail to put them into action. Particularly on the subcontinent, where conditions can suddenly deteriorate and alter.”

Usman Khawaja
Usman Khawaja. Image credits-

“We probably did not do it sufficiently the first time in Sri Lanka. We probably questioned our decisions a little too much,” Khawaja added.

‘I think we’ve learned from past mistakes’: Usman Khawaja

Due to their success against Pakistan and at home, Australia is presently leading the WTC Championship. With the addition of Glenn Maxwell, the club has demonstrated improved versatility and is anticipated to put up a solid fight.

“In Pakistan, we demonstrated to ourselves that we had a strategy in place to succeed in the subcontinent. I have played on some good spin teams with the Australian cricket team, but this is one of the best. The younger players are picking up lessons from the elder players’ faults, in my opinion, as we have learned from our past mistakes,” Usman Khawaja added.

Australia Cricket Team.
Australia Cricket Team. Credits:

“I believe that the most important point is to give players experience and to teach them that they will fail occasionally when they are fresh. (However, if you truly believe they are the top players, you must stick with them. Because when they return the next time, and the moment after that, that is when they will start rewarding you, “He ended.

The two-match Test series between Sri Lanka and Australia, part of the ICC World Test Championship 2021-23 cycle, will begin on June 29 at the Galle International Cricket Stadium.

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