“Tony Khan has a lot of choices” – Former WWE manager provides an interesting theory on how AEW should bring back MJF (Exclusive)

Dutch Mantell has claimed that Tony Khan shouldn’t book MJF as the ‘Joker’ in the Casino Ladder Match for AEW All Out 2022.

According to the wrestling veteran, it wouldn’t be the right decision to put someone of Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s caliber in a multi-man match.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s latest edition of Smack Talk, Mantell said that booking The Salt of the Earth along with someone like CM Punk is the best option.

“Tony Khan has a lot of choices, lot of alternatives. I would think, I would put him in there with Punk, it’s where I would put him. I wouldn’t waste in an 8-man because that’s not him. If I was going to engage him in something, I would put him in there with Punk somewhere,” said Mantell. [From 32:30 to 35:20]

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Mark Henry suggested that MJF should reconcile with Tony Khan

The last time MJF was seen on AEW programming, he cut a brutal promo and called out Tony Khan for signing former WWE Superstars.

Since June 1 edition of Dynamite, The Salt of the Earth hasn’t appeared on AEW TV. Speaking in an interview with Abe Kanan, Henry said that he would like to see the 26-year-old return to the company.

“He’s an unbelievable talent. I pray that whatever problems can be fixed and that you can move forward and go and have a good business relationship, as well as a personal relationship. Believe me, I’ve worked with people I didn’t like. I’ve worked with people that, if they were on fire, I would not throw pee on them to put them out, but when it came to doing business and it came to respecting the work, I came to work every day with that in my mind,” Henry said.

With AEW All Out right around the corner, it remains to be seen if Tony Khan has any intentions of bringing MJF back.

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